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Yarmouth Trophy Race / Rally 2018

Yarmouth - 16 - 17 Jun 18 General

Posted on behalf of Arthur Baldwin.. The Yarmouth Trophy Race / Rally will be held over the weekend of 16th. to 17th. June

This is later than the event’s usual scheduling in May and has come about because the tidal characteristics are wrong for some of the likely weekends and there are a several large Rallies in Yarmouth Harbour that rule out others. One of the consequences of this later date is that Royal Solent Yacht Club are fully booked that weekend and will, this year, be unable to offer us a meal in their restaurant. However of course, there are several fine hostelries in Yarmouth and there is always the option of a BBQ on the saltings as we have done in previous years.

The event will have a similar format to last year with a race for the IRC rated boats and a self-timed “Rally” for the Cruiser NHC boats. Both the Racers and Rallyers will sail the same course. I shall be distributing the Notice of Race / Rally after Easter.

Hoping for a great sailing season ahead and I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Best Wishes,
Arthur Baldwin

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