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RC (Cruising) - 17 Mar 17 General

Yachting Monthly is working with RNSA and has asked if we could assist in supplying material for forthcoming issues We are sure that with the knowledge,experience and innate cunning of RNSA members we will be able to submit a number of ideas for the benefit of the yachting fraternity. You may well


Tips & Tricks is a way of sharing little-known nuggets of cruising knowledge while raising the profile of RNSA. We’re looking for techniques or pieces of kit used or adapted by experienced skippers to make an aspect of cruising easier, quicker, safer or more comfortable.

Please supply 20 tips & tricks, around 120 words each. Explain what the tip or trick is, where you got it from, and the difference it’s made. While you are out on the water over the next few weeks, I’d be grateful if you could keep this request in the back of your mind, jot down anything you see or do that fits the bill and write it up later. The deadline is Friday 7th April ready for submission to the magazine before Wednesday 12 April 2017. Information to Terry Corner, our new Rear Commodore Cruising by e-mail to .

If they like what they see – and I’m sure they will – they’ll come down with a camera to shoot your Tips & Tricks, and credit RNSA as the source.

Terry Corner

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