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Central - 12 Sep 17 General

A close friend of RNSA working for Ocean Safety has negotiated a special benefit for members to purchase their top of the range Kru Elite 195 Lifejacket at the production cost while stocks of this specific lifejacket lasts.

The prices are £57.30 for a Kru Elite Automatic Non-Harness and £62.45 for a Kru Elite Automatic Harness which is a huge saving on the retail price. The jackets are very comfortable with features including an integrated kill cord loop which is very handy for connecting your cord directly from you to the on/off switch for the engine. Being a tailored fit you hardly notice them when worn. They are available due to an internal over order and the Sales Director has made this offer only to not-for-profit maritime organisations that they know hence RNSA being included.

Members can purchase them with or without the RNSA logo. Ocean Safety will add the name of your boat at £4.50 plus VAT. At present the jackets are available in all colours: blue, black, orange and red.

If you want to save the postage orders can be collected directly from Ocean safety at any of their Branches (Plymouth at Langage Business Park, Southampton at Saxon Wharf, Greenock at Carnock Street and Aberdeen at Altens Inductrial Estate). They can also be delivered to the RNSA office for members to pick up without paying postage.

Due to the special nature of this offer please place your order through the RNSA Office ( or where we will add any postage or boat name costs and then forward your order to our Association friend in the Ocean Safety sales department.

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