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Eligibility and Membership Rules

Full Membership of the RNSA is open to those who have served with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and associated Services. Associate Membership is open to members of the ASA, RAFSA or CSSA and Family Membership is available to the imediate family of Full Members. Detailed rules are listed below.

The following persons are eligible for Full Membership

a. Personnel of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Commonwealth Naval Forces.

b. Past Officers, Ratings and other ranks of the forces listed in Rule 3a and those who have served in the RNXS, QARNNS, Women's Royal Naval Service and the Women's Royal Naval Reserve.

c. Army and RAF personnel who expect to or have served for a minimum of 6 months in an assignment with the RN or RM.

d. Members of the other services who have formed part of a Joint Service crew in a Trans-Ocean race, or expedition.

e. Civilians, including Civil Servants, who are employed in a post with direct attachment to the naval organisations in paragraph 3a, can join after a 6 month qualifying period in post.

f. Sea Cadet Corps adult staff, Combined Cadet Corps (Naval Section) personnel and their civilian instructors subject to both of the following conditions:-
1. Application to be made whilst serving in an eligible post.
2. Sponsorship by an elected member of a RNSA Committee or a Branch Captain or Chairman.

g. A member of a foreign Navy, considered especially deserving of membership, nominated by the Central Committee or a Branch Committee.


(1) For those in categories c, d and e above applications to join will not be accepted if they are received over 6 months after individuals have completed their qualifying Assignment/Event. Members admitted in these categories will remain eligible to continue membership unless they allow their membership to lapse where they will not be entitled to rejoin.

(2) Acceptance of a membership application is provisional until endorsed by the Central Committee.

The following persons are eligible for Associate Membership

a. Individual members of the ASA, RAFSA or CSSA who do not meet the criteria for Full membership.

b. Exceptionally, Branches may offer Associate Membership to an individual who is not a member of a Service Sailing Association if they gain the approval of the RNSA Central Committee.

Family Membership

Full members may, where apposite, elect to include their immediate family members in their membership. Eligibility for family membership applies to spouses / civil partners and offspring up to Eighteen years of age or up to Twenty Five years of age if in full time education. Thereafter, the rules for Full membership will apply.

Subscription Rates

The current annual subscription rates are as follows:

  • Full Membership - £40
  • Full Membership (Age under 21) - £30
  • Associate Membership - £40
  • Associate Membership (Member of SSA) - £40
  • Family Membership - £63

The following joining fee is payable

  • Still Serving (RN/RM) - NIL
  • Retired - £40

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