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JJT/Jackaroo - Cowes Week

Cowes Offshore

10 - 17/08/2019

Organiser: RN Offshore Team -

Racing in the J109 Class

This is a week of racing around the Solent.
This is an opportunity to get everyone some time racing on JJT and Jackaroo during one of the UK's most famous regattas.
The crew for Cowes week is not fixed for the entire week, we will look to fill places each day over the 7 days. depending on how much interest is received we will look to get everyone out racing for a few days if not more.
This will he used as a build up to the J80 Nationals for Jackaroo
Please email your interest with the dates you wish to sail throughout the week to the organiser.
Accommodation is at the Scout Hut for £10 per night personal contribution (useless you book yourself other).
Crew will be required to aid in boat preparation on the Fri 9 Aug 19.

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