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Tiree BWA / UKWA Wave BWA Event 3

Isle of Tiree, Argyll & Bute, Scotland Windsurfing

12 - 18/10/2019

Organiser: Jason Sawyer - / 01326 557531 ext 7267

Run by wavesailors, for wavesailors, the BWA is the competition body for wavesailing in the UK. Come and join the tour.

The RNSA and RN will support and encourage Navy Windsurfers to participate in BWA events throughout they year. The RNSA will make a significant contribution to entry fees at the end of the season (~ 50% depending on volume of applicants), the BWA events count as representative sport and travel costs will be authorised.

If we can generate enough interest in RNSA Wavesailing, then funds will be sought to provide kit and instruction. The last RNSA/Sports Lottery supported Windsurfing Camp was to El Medano to develop Wave sailing skills.

The Navy Windsurfers are sure there are great wave sailors out there in the RN and we want to hear from you.

Jason Sawyer is the Wave Sailing representative, details above.

ALERT: The dates of the event are correct, the link below takes you to the BWA website but they have not updated it to 2019 details yet.

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