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Southwold, Orford and Ramsholt - 19 - 25 Aug 17 Cruising

August, it must be Summer

A mid week event venturing as far north at Southwold. Lowestoft has been declared as a place too far so hopefully Norfolk members can venture south and join us in Southwold by boat, car or public transport.

Plans will evolve but likely to start at a reunion in the Alma OH at Harwich. Cruise up the coast to Southwold entering after low water and securing in the staging opposite the harbour inn. 2 day stay to enjoy the delights of this coastal town and its award winning brewery from beers to gins.

On to Orford via the ness, the East Coast Yachtsman's 'Cape Horn. Departing a couple of hours after low water flood tide along the cost and into the Ore close to high water. Mooring at Orford and ashore to the Jolly Sailor. The Ness will be open to visitors and a change to delve into a military history stretching over a hundred years.

Will the disused lighthouse still be standing?

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