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RNSC 24hr Sailing Event 2017

RNSC Whale Island - 11 - 12 Jul 17 Dinghies

RNSC 24hr Sailing Event 2017

Welcome to the start of the RNSC’s 24hr Sailing Challenge 2017, once again I find too much time on my hands which must be filled (Not really true!!!!) and so my first email to you all begins!

This year our hope is to once again up the challenge and collect even more for our chosen charity the RNRMC. With this the third instalment I am proud to say we have collected over £3000 so far since I started the project but we need more and it can’t be done without all your support.

The Current plan is to start as always at 1700 on Tuesday the 11th of July completing a full 24hrs later, last year saw the ARMY join in the fun and I am hoping once again they will be able to compete, thanks to our very own Ex-Postman Pat last year also saw some lovely prizes available to win with a raffle and it is through extra efforts like this we were able to generate some of the funds raised.

So what happens?

Well as a rule teams of approx. 10 people will take to the water in Bosun’s using a shift system to allow for breaks this helps everyone by giving that option to return to work in between or get some sleep if your running through the night, typically two people will sail approx. 2 or 3 sessions. A team of volunteers man safety craft and ferries to swap the crews over every couple of hours whilst the dinghies stay on the move (That’s the main thing our sailing boats do not stop, repairs are carried out on the move and spare boats are available in case it can’t be fixed!) The course is set in the main harbour near the UHAF and teams aim to complete more laps of the between 1 and 2 nm course. Our overall winning team being the one having completed the most nautical miles in the 24hrs. Last year saw teams smash 2015’s results with a much stronger average wind over the 24hrs.

Feedback from our sailors

Feedback over the last two years has been awesome!! People having the chance to race around in the pitch black in Bosun’s for the first time or even again come back full of it! Searching for racing marks when you can’t see them till you’re really close makes for some funny tales. And more importantly the chance to raise money for the RN’s very own charity just makes people feel proud of the achievement!

How can you get involved?

So how do we proceed? Those of you that have already been involved previously will know that this is not an overnight set up and I need help already to get started with the event so……

• If you are interested in racing in the event please email me, remember if you have a team of two people in mind that’s fine and any level of sailor can take part. We will have an evening before the event when everyone gets together to sort out the teams and partner up so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t anyone in mind yet.
• I can’t do this without help!! I need Safety Boat teams, Ferry Boat Drivers, Support staff to be on the Tenders which stay afloat throughout.
• Sponsors, please if you know a company that might be interested in supporting the event please pass on details to me or even talk to them yourselves.
• Prizes, we would love to get a few prizes in for our raffle, thanks has to go to Marine Supermarket, BAR and Topper for 2016. If you are willing to donate a prize please contact me.
• Advertising and promotion. Do you have an skill for either of these tasks, I really struggle and could do with some help from people who can spend a few moments of their time helping to get the message out.
• Donations, yep it’s that simple we need to collect money for a charity that supports YOU. I will have donation tubs available at the end of Feb if you can help by placing one in your area of work or you spend time travelling around the UK and think you might be able to raise awareness of our event please email me and I will contact you when they are available to be picked up.
• Lastly I need your help at the very least by getting the message out and getting work colleagues, friends and families to donate online to our Virgin money giving site, remember for every £1 donated the charity will receive £1.25. Please follow the link below

Point to Contact: Lee Bichard
Civ - 02392 547296
Mobile: 07900710086

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