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Yarmouth Trophy Race / Rally 2018

Yarmouth General

16 - 17/06/2018

Posted on behalf of Arthur Baldwin.. The Yarmouth Trophy Race / Rally will be held over the weekend of 16th. to 17th. June

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Yarmouth Trophy weekend will take place on Saturday 16th. and Sunday 17th. June. Please find attached the Yarmouth Trophy Notice of Race and Notice of Rally to which you are cordially invited to enter. If your yacht has a 2018 IRC, then you will be Racing. If you have a cruising yacht with no IRC, then you will be Rallying. IRC yachts will start “conventionally” and record their elapsed time over the finish line. Rally yachts start more leisurely, recording their elapsed time between start and finish lines. As always, I have booked berths at Yarmouth for overnight Saturday !6th.

The event has proved more difficult to organise this year due to various factors of tides and availability of berths at Yarmouth. Also I shall be unavailable from 2nd. June to 10th. June, as I will be out of UK, working with the Army, so please return entry forms by Thursday 31st. May.
Unfortunately Royal Solent YC are unable to offer us a meal this year as their restaurant has been fully booked for this weekend since before Christmas, so we will have to eat ashore in one of the many hostelries, onboard or brave a BBQ on the saltings.

Entry Forms will also be available in Hornet SSC foyer.

If you know of anyone that I may have missed, please forward this on to them.

Best Wishes,
Arthur Baldwin

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