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Close Calls: BBC 1 Mervyn Wheatley's OSTAR rescue by Queen Mary 2

BBC 1 Close Calls : 11:45 am General


We included an article 'The Loss of Tamarind' in the RNSA journal 2017/8; the BBC are featuring Mervyn Wheatley's story in in their Close Calls programme

Mervyn Wheatley's fifth Original Singlehanded Transatlantic Race (OSTAR) started well but on the 9th day a low that was 20mb lower than the 1979 Fastnet rolled Tamarind to about 150 degrees; the wind reached hurricane strength and loose items in the cabin broke a bunk window. Tamarind was taking on water. Mervyn's EPIRB, activated by the knockdown, lay caught in the dismantled sprayhood at the back of the cockpit; a RCAF C130 made contact with him and the rescue mission started. In this BBC Close Calls episode Mervyn recounts his experience and the eventual rescue by Queen Mary 2.

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