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For Sale and Wanted

For Sale - a pristine WEEMS & Plath 2102-D Star-Finder

11 Sep 19

The star finder is in mint condition and comes with a complete guide. The device computes angular heights and bearings of celestial bodies from any point on earth, at any time. It is described as “an invaluable aid to celestial navigators and amateur astronomers alike.” For those who still wield a

The Star Finder 2102-D is an invaluable tool for celestial navigators to locate and identify, by altitude and azimuth, the 57 stars listed in air and nautical almanacs. It can also be used by amateur star gazers for general star identification.Special diagrams permit rapid check of hour angle and also provide a means of finding altitude and azimuth of unplotted celestial bodies or identification of unplotted bodies from known altitude and azimut. The kit contains a durable black vinyl pouch with velcro closure that holds one star base and 10 plastic templates. Basic instructions are included on the back of the plastic protective sleeve, but a complete instruction guide is available in The Star Finder Book (152), written by David Burch.

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