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Portland Branch

Based at Portland the moorings utilised by the former HMS Osprey Royal Naval base were retained. The Branch uses the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy as its shore base and its Berth Holders are all members of the Academy. The Branch membership is by design 60% full RNSA members and 40% Associate, with the committee largely made up of retired naval personnel or civilians. RNSA Portland Branch is one of four sailing clubs making up the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth.

Portland Branch News & Notices

18 February 2020Meetings

February meeting minutes


Items include a branch status and moorings update....

31 December 2019Meetings

AGM Minutes


Items include voting on Branch status, future committee member changes, an AGM change of date, and fees and plans for 2020. ...

04 December 2019Cruising

Portland Trophy awards


The Portland Trophy and two cash prizes are awarded for entertaining and informative cruising articles submitted by members during the season. This year there were five entries submitted, .....

23 November 2019Meetings

November meeting minutes


Items include forthcoming AGM items, mooring issues including recent thefts, the change of financial year-end and a proposal for Affiliated status for the branch following the recent .....

12 October 2019Meetings

October meeting minutes


Items include AGM and next year's cocktail party details, mooring buoy problems, accounting period changes and an update on RNSA status with a proposed branch members' vote later this .....

09 April 2019Meetings

April Meeting minutes


Items include the silting up of moorings, the use of our RIB at local events, and the Weymouth Bay aquaculture proposal. The latter can be accessed using the link below, the chart .....

06 April 2019General

Portland's resident dolphin


A friendly bottlenose dolphin has taken up residence in Portland harbour and is charming all water users. The dolphin has been playing with boats, swimming with locals and keeping .....

06 April 2019General

Portland Harbour Master's Latest Newsletter


The latest newsletter from the port....

05 February 2019General

Portland Harbour Master's 1st Newsletter


This is the first newsletter that the Port have produced, emanating from a suggestion at a recent meeting of yacht club Mooring Officers. Mark Rowles at Portland Port has published .....

08 December 2018Meetings

AGM minutes


The AGM held at WPNSA, Portland at the end of November 2018....

02 December 2018Cruising

Portland Trophy awards


The three prize-winning entries for the Portland Trophy, reminding us what a wonderful summer it was in the UK! The Portland Trophy and two cash prizes are awarded for entertaining .....

06 November 2018Meetings

AGM Calling notice


The AGM to be held at WPNSA on Friday 30 November...

Portland Branch Events


Please click here to see the events calendar.

Portland Branch Committee


Position Name Tel Mobile Email
Branch Captain Peter Goss 01305 832116 07787 152782
Secretary Wayne Elkin 01308 425981 07807 712390
Membership Secretary Peter Stone 07462 333169
Treasurer Alan Clifton 01935 477497 07843 313382
Sailing Secretary Christopher Stonehouse 01749 345277 07719 322377
Mooring Secretary John Hasker 01935 411515 07971 656416
Social Secretary Kaz Pointon 01934 744824 07805 587244

About Portland Branch


Recent History

Following the withdrawal of the Royal Navy from HMS Osprey in the 1990s, the site of the former naval base was sold by the Ministry of Defence to the South West Regional Development Agency who in turn granted leases over its western part to the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy ( ) and the eastern part to Dean & Reddyhoff marinas ( . During this time the Branch continued to operate with the existing moorings which lay broadly parallel to the foreshore and as serving naval personnel ceased working at HMS Osprey they were replaced by volunteers. The branch membership is made up of RNSA members and associates, with the committee largely made up of retired naval personnel or civilians. With the announcement of the 2012 Olympics, extensive works were undertaken at the site which included the provision of two slips to give “all-weather” launching capability, together with the relocation of the RNSA moorings which now comprise solely a new 51 capacity trot system lying about 300 m further to the west than before.

The Branch seeks to use the WPNSA building as its shore base, and its mooring members are also members of WPNSA, but we are subject to normal commercial drivers. The Branch does not operate a launch service, but members can store tenders on the WPNSA site.

RNSA Portland Branch is one of four sailing clubs making up the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth ( )

Visiting Portland

The Branch welcomes visiting RNSA members and Visitor’s moorings are available on request. Advance booking with the Branch Mooring Officer is essential. The charge made for the mooring is £15 per day or part thereof, payable to branch via bacs. Email or telephone 07971656416.

Visitors can land at WPNSA, and use their facilities, but are required to register and pay a fee. It can be very busy both in the harbour and onshore when large events are on, so it may be worth checking their website prior to a visit.

Please bear in mind that Portland is exposed, particularly in a NE wind, so you need to be careful how you tie up, particularly if you leave the boat unattended for any length of time. Permanent holders use chain, with a backup of either thick nylon rope or another chain.


The Branch seeks to organise mainly local cruises, and joins the other clubs for longer passages. Members, however, cruise both far and wide, and with the Channel Islands and North Brittany normally a reach there and back, many include at least one visit per season.


The 40 moorings comprise three size ranges based on boat length, ranging from 8 – 14m. There are currently vacancies in all sizes. They are available for use in the summer season only, from 1 April to 31 October. For details contact John Hasker, the Mooring Secretary.


The Branch seeks to undertake regular social events throughout the year, both onshore with events such as a cocktail party and on the water with a pontoon party These may also involve local sailing clubs.

Branch Membership

The Branch welcomes all RNSA members as well as associates. A Branch/Social charge is made and involvement in activities and committee work is encouraged.