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FAA Sailors enjoy more success

Air - 11 Mar 13 Offshore

The FAA team triumphed at last weekend's RN Offshore Regatta

I unashamedly copy the report from the Offshore Branch. BZ Tom Thicknesse, Alex Pickles, James McGarry and Tom Reed (But PS - ONLY ONE OF YOU IS LISTED IN THE RNSA AIR BRANCH DIRECTORY ON RNSA WEBSITE!!!!!!!!)

RN Regatta 2013 Great Success

Over 40 experienced and novice sailors joined Rear Commodore Offshore in Portsmouth for a highly successful training and racing weekend in Victoria 34s on 9-10 Mar 13.

Last weekend (9-10 Mar 13) saw the return of the long awaited RN Offshore Regatta at Hornet SC. The aim of the event was very much training and building confidence for the plethora of enthusiastic young offshore sailors keen to improve their skills. Led by RCO (Hungry) a small team of coaches delivered some classroom discussions on Friday night followed by a series of drills on Saturday morning leading to a race programme in the afternoon. The first on water day saw very light winds and a challenge for the teams fighting the tide and trying to use every breath of wind to gain a led. On the second day, a cold wind set in at a healthy 15 knots which challenged new crews in kite hoists and drops. There was closer action on the water and a series of consistent wins for the FAA Team who came out on-top.

All the boats carried experience hands that were able to provide help and coaching along the way and provide feedback to the Coaching Team. Overall, the event was considered highly successful by RCO and those taking part. RCO managed to capture the names of those willing and able to provide young blood in the RN Team for the future and those wanting more training. It was agreed this is an event worthy of repeating in the autumn.

Those interested in becoming part of the Coaching Team and possibly completing an RYA Keelboat Coaching Course should contact RCO.

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