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Sail Navy. 2013

BC Squadron - 01 Jun 13 Offshore

RNSA BC Squadron 40th Anniversary Single Handed Race Year.

From the very beginning the squadron made an impact on the yachting fraternity of Vancouver. When the Single Handed Race was proposed by such a new and virtually unknown group, the usual plethora of naysayers made their expected negative comments. These comments did not take into account the spirit, which moved the RNSA or that of its fledging BC Squadron. The same élan and spirit of adventure , which spurred on the great past seamen of England who in turn handed down their historic place to RNSA men, like Sir Robin Knox Johnson, Sir Alec Rose and countless others who led the Royal Navy in war and peace and spurred on the nation.

The first RNSA Single handed Race 1973, was born to reflect the world wide interest and involvement in single handed racing by RNSA members. Beneath the shadows of the great wooded range of mountains, which guard the City of Vancouver and English Bay from the cold northerly weather systems to render our winters the envy of Canada, Dunderave Pier reaches out from West Vancouver into the sparkling waters of the bay. It was from here that the first RNSA-BC Squadron Single Handed Race commenced. The course has changed little from that first race, but because of the increasing number of contestants in those early days the start was moved to the bell Buoy off Point Grey. The course was set toward Cape Roger Curtis, the western most point of Bowen Island, across the Strait of Georgia to Nanaimo for an overnight stay, then return by the same route to the Bell Buoy for the finish.

During these early days the Squadron boasted some63 Vessels owned by members. Some of the larger vessels were seconded as safety vessels and placed under the command of a member designated "Escort Commander." Such has been the expertise and care demonstrated both in the organisation and overall running of this event there has never been an accident of any note up to the present 40th year.

With no club house or mooring facilities, and only the adage that our vessels are our club to guide us, we have in no small way inspired sailors both male and female to cast themselves, alone, to challenge the waters that grace the City of Vancouver.

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