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Winter Dinner on the East Coast

East Coast - 06 Feb 19 Social

Thoughts turned to the season ahead over mulled wine in Jacqui-B, followed by a splendid supper at the Last Anchor, Ipswich.

With the light remains of snow about the East Coasters convened at Ipswich for their Winter Dinner. Jacqui-B came up from Woolverstone as supply ship, victualled with Mulled Wine to warm through the Team.
Warmed through (as any steam engineer will tell you) the sixteen of us were ready to sit down to a splendid supper of lamp-swinging, literary dits, plans to visit future haunts and, of course, Ouistreham in 2019.
There were several aficionados of Patrick Le Femur at the table (having a guest from Crete added spice to that discussion) and we touched on Dickens (you may recall Mr Pickwick shared our attraction for Ipswich).
The Orwell (which is of course George's Orwell) looked stunning as Jacqui-B dawdled back from her duties on Sunday morning.
A great run ashore!
Our thanks to David Whitby,( who unfortunately missed the results of his excellent organisation) and to Vivien Ryser for bringing the cheque book!

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