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Lady Mine

Medway - 04 Mar 19 General

Yacht Lady Mine, which was illegally secured to No 1 mooring buoy on the RNSA trots nearest to the slip remains submerged.

As a result the No 1 mooring buoy and two adjacent buoys (Nos 2 and 3) are unable to be used until further notice. Members entering and leaving the slip, as well as securing to buoys further along when the tide is on the flood are warned to give a wide berth. The vessels mast is visible for a couple of hours either side of LW, but at all other times it is wholly submerged.

As mentioned in the branch newsletter, the committee are lobbying the statutory harbour authority, Peel Ports, to remove the vessel. We have also advised them to issue a notice to mariners and mark the danger with a cardinal mark. So far they have not acted upon this advice and with the imminent start of the season many pleasure craft will start to traverse the area where the yacht is lying.

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