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RNSA Safety Management Plan

Central - 26 Mar 19 General

This is an important document for all event organisers - please read and action accordingly.

The RNSA delivers a broad range of challenging activities which exposes our members to higher levels of residual risk of harm than in many sports (think drowning, boom blow to the head, entrapment in ropes, exposure/hypothermia etc). We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that everything reasonable and practical is done to control these risks to minimise harm; indeed we are obliged to do so under legislation, MOD policy and National Governing Body (RYA) guidance.

Whilst most of the necessary processes and procedures are already in place, the work to produce the RNSA’s Safety Management Plan (SMP) has both identified a few shortfalls and allowed us to document the arrangements we have in place. Version 1.0 of the SMP has now been published and is available for all members to read under the Information / Membership Info drop down menus. The SMP should be read carefully by anyone delivering an activity on behalf of the RNSA to ensure that their event management complies with the SMP, in particular the risk assessment elements including the need for (daily) dynamic risk assessments. The Rear Commodores and the Office will hold the templates as a word document.

Feedback on improvements would be very welcome and should be sent to the Gen Sec/CEO in the first instance.

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