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RNSA(P) Wednesday Spring Series race 5

Portsmouth - 25 Apr 19 Offshore

What a change from the glorious Easter weekend, temperatures down to 12 degrees and a looming black cloud that looked rain filled. But at least there was breeze.

With the wind due south the 'Turn to Starboard' team who were SOOD set a course of a beat against the tide to North Sturbridge followed by a run down to Browndown, a short hitch inshore to Stokes Bay Central and a beat home. In the first start Crazy Horse set the pace off the line and 3/4 of the way up the beat to N Sturbridge had a handy lead, then disaster struck - some underwater debris around their keel brought them almost to a halt and by the time they had managed to break free their race was almost done. Meanwhile Spirit of Kudu took advantage of this incident to stretch her legs at the front of the fleet.
In the second start Tinker T judged the line into the first mark perfectly and led up the beat by a boats length from Jolly Jack Tar and the First 40 on loan to Turn to Starboard. With Tinker T then fluffing a tack up the beat JJT charged past and held a healthy lead by the time spinnakers were set for the run with the tide to Browndown. At Browndown the next mark was inshore to Stokes Bay Central to set a beat home however this is where the race once more turned on its head. Spirit of Kudu decided to hold their kite as they rounded Browndown but not noticing that the wind had moved more to the west took a line towards Fairhall West rather than SBSC Central. JJT also optimistically kept her kite up and headed inshore into more favourable tide. Neither move worked and TT dropping her kite around Browndown was able to claw back some serious time. And so it showed when the numbers were crunched TT took the race from JJT and Option in the IRC fleet whilst the fast finishing Wizard took the chocolates from the First 40 in NHC.


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