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The Second Battle of Maldon (Vikings 1 Saxons 0 (Again!)

East Coast - 08 May 19 Cruising

The Heybridge Rally (4/5 May) attracted a rather unexpected series of defections but we took another lesson in history!

The East Coast May Bank Holiday Rally was the subject of meticulous planning by Chris Jones. The excitement of catching the tidal window into Heybridge, followed by a tour of the Combined Services Museum (an unrivalled cache of small arms and skulduggery), Pimms and then off for Supper and Song at the Chequers. Six potential boats - What could be simpler?
First fall: the distraction of the Army- Navy match – two crews lured away; the first pass of the Pied Piper - Down 2.
Our extended family in Holland – a tall ask? Down 3
T-48 The weather hints at Force 6/7 – A bit much for our Lowestoft team and getting our smallest boat off its moorings -Down 5
Now we have to show a bit of grit? After a merry warm up at the Alma, Harwich Jacqui-B (the last boat standing) sets off for Heybridge at 0400 on Saturday, 4 May. 0500 engine failure! - sailed back to Woolverstone. Down 6
One might think that was the end of a rather disastrous rally? Well no. The motor car came to our rescue and at three ’o clock eight of us were welcomed with Pimms at the Combined Services Museum, Maldon by Pat and Chris. A delightful afternoon followed as the lines of development of small arms from Halberd and Pike to Poisoned Umbrellas were explained. More Pimms and a Scrumptious Dinner at the Chequers, with conversation spanning nuclear power and most of the ports visited courtesy of the Pusser or Union Castle.
Moral: When you’re down you’re not out!

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