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Visitors Mooring Buoys Helford River and St Mawes

Central - 12 May 19 Cruising

New mooring buoys planned

We have experienced some trouble with the pick up line and mooring pendants on these moorings getting entangled around the riser chain. These moorings will shortly be replaced with new yellow Polyform buoys marked RNSA MEMBERS ONLY. They will not have pick up pendants but will have a securing shackle on the top so you will have to provide your own boat to mooring line.

Following survey and re-calculation the two Helford moorings are restricted to the following limitations:

#340 East - a single vessel up to 55 feet or two rafted up to 40 feet.

#170 West - a single vessel up to 40 feet or two rafted up to 35 feet.

If extreme conditions are expected then the River Mooring Officer may recommend tighter restrictions and in that case please respect his advice and move on to single moorings as requested.

Any questions please contact Ian Munday

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