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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series race 3

Portsmouth - 13 Jun 19 Offshore

An evening to forget!

Tinker T the stand-in SOOD arrived early at Gilkicker point to try and make some sense out of the confusing forecast. The 6 knots of westerly wind measured on arrival changed as they waited to 5 knots south easterly gradually then moving south. At 1800 the torrential downpour started but the black cloud from whence it came also produced 8/9 knots of northerly wind. A course was hastily set. A run to Kemps Quay, a beat back to RN&RAYC and a short run home. Forty five minutes of racing if the breeze held - it didn't! Right on cue as the first start call came the wind eased to 3 knots however maintaining its direction. The newly refitted Happy Apple took on the pace and under crinkly white kite stretched away at about 1.5 knots boat speed. About 50 minutes later she arrived at Kemps Quay in company with the front runners from the second start, Jolly Jack Tar and Assassin. On the long beat back across the tide JJT held onto her advantage over the quicker Prima 38 but as the windward mark got nearer so the wind got lighter and the Prima edged ahead. With the time limit of 2030 approaching several boats did their time/distance calculations and engines started as they headed home. Mark Brown's Assassin was the last to go, having reached the final turning mark Darling Associates 150M from the finish it might as well have been 150 miles as the tide sluiced them westwards in zero wind. So alas all boats retired. Unfortunately with a half hour motor back to Gosport some failed to make the bar and food at HSSC adding to the soggy misery of the evening. Fortunately sailing is rarely this disappointing!


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