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Sortie to West Mersea - Vivien's BBQ - 3 August 2019

East Coast - 09 Aug 19 Cruising

Our annual Barbecue and Swimming Test at Vivien's Alpha House drew upon the social awareness needed to cope with exceptional spring tides

If you were an oyster you couldn't fare much better than Cobmarsh off West Mersea where there is sufficient water flowing over your muddy bonce to gurgle away happily below 3 metres and later look down 2 metres on stranded predator boats.
After a Friday Night at our Clubhouse (the Alma Harwich) the tide whisked Jacqui-B South, fast enough to allow 'hands to bathe' enroute.( Not to miss an opportunity scrubbing brushes were issued to those enticed into the warmth of the Blackwater). Arrival at high water at West Mersea a buoy had to be found with 5m under the keel. Fortunately the harbour ferry was happy to pick up the five seagoers in the party from half a mile to the south of the landmark (Oyster) Packing Shed.On arrival Cobmarsh rowing races were in full swing; we cheered for anybody in need of encouragement.
Vivien's BBQ has the great merit of bringing together the older members of the East Coast team with some of the newest. However, the tide had re-asserted the Island status of Mersea so our newest member was forced to seek solace in a pub while the causeway re-emerged from its tidal dip.
All 20 of the party mustered, backward swimmers worked up an appetite while Vivien & Team flashed up a bonanza barbecue, accompanied by just the right array of drinks for a summer's afternoon. Much fun. Many dits.
There was to be a return onboard at 20.30 only to discover a bemused ferryman gazing at his grounded ferryboat (not quite looking up, but you know what I mean). Adjournment to the delightful and welcoming West Mersea Yacht Club was the only way forward. But the ferryman, an AB off one of the windfarm boats, with true grit hung around to take us through the mudbank littered harbour setting us back onboard (happy) at 11 pm.

Moral: Know where West Mersea pubs are at spring tides.

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