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Disposal of MOD Dinghies

Central - 19 Aug 19 General

From the RN Sailing manager -

All, the disposal of the old MoD Dinghies has been going really well and I hope those that have taken advantage of the scheme have realised what a great idea this has been. We are now down to the last handful of boats and with those service personnel and RNSA members having had a good 'bite of the cherry' I am looking to spread the offer a bit further. If you know of anyone interested in the boats below please ask them to get in touch with me?

Just as a reminder, the boats come without roadbases, are sold as seen, there is no negotiation and are being sold by the defence disposal agent (Ramco) not the RNSA or me!

RS400s - 672, 707, 974 and 982 all in Portsmouth £1000

Bosuns - 2 in Portsmouth, 2 in Exmouth and 1 in Falmouth £250

Laser 1 - 157674 and 2 others in Portsmouth and 22167 in BRNC. £700

Wayne Shirley
RN Sailing Manager & Sports Officer Surfing, Kitesurfing and Paddlesports

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