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Inter Services Asymmetrics Championships - Regatta Report

RC (Dinghies) - 15 Sep 19 General

The IS Asymmetric Open Regatta was held at Thorney Island 14-15 Sep, organised and hosted by the Army Sailing Association (ASA). A series of 5 races were held on Saturday, however an early call was made on Sunday to cancel racing due to the absence of actual and forecast wind.

By S/Lt Howell

RNSA sailors spent a brilliant and sunny weekend at the Inter-Service Asymmetric Champs hosted by the Army at Thorney Island SC.
Light winds and strong tides made life tricky (long postponements led to a spot of paddling / swimming to cool off!), but after 5 close races the RN came away with 2nd Inter-Service boat, and 4th and 11th overall. The team consisted of LSET Don Willans, Lt Matt Irwin, Lt Dom Jacobs, SLt Alice Smith and SLt Joe Howell, with thanks to Wayne Shirley and Cdr Andy Wood for support and sorting us out with speedy 2000s to race in.
There is loads of good Inter-Service racing to be had in the 2000s, with shiny new boats available from Wayne - get involved!

RC(D) comment:

Well done to the team that turned up to represent the RN/RNSA at the 3rd and final inter-service championship of the year. They has a great time, benefitting from some close racing in a one design fleet of 11 x RS2000 class dinghies. In terms of entries, we did better than the RAF who had only a single boat in the championship, however when compared to the Army's 8 boats, we could have done better than just 2 boats given the number of active RN/RNSA dinghy sailors we have. I am keen to hear if there is anything particular that is putting people off from entering this event, as it is not the first year with low numbers, so please do get in touch if you would like something to change!

As Joe mentions, there is a great opportunity for you to take part in the friendly (yet competitive) 2000 scene at without having to buy your own boat. In fact, you can charter a BRAND NEW 'out the wrapper' RS2000 by completing the form found on this website (Information/application Forms) and parting with a tiny amount of money for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Check out the RNSA journal for full details behind the scheme - the RNSA website will be updated in due course to show pictures and house the details. Go on - just do it!

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