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RNSC Frostbite Series - Race 1

Portsmouth - 13 Oct 19 Dinghies

Winter Dinghy racing in Portsmouth harbour

Four Fusion sailors turned up for the 1st day of the Frostbite series at the RNSC, Portsmouth. They were met with a strong breeze and managed 3 races in challenging conditions. Most of the sailors suffered a ‘gyro failure’ in the first race having not listened closely enough to the race brief but this was eventually won by Lee Bichard, the OIC of the centre. He also won the second race, closely followed by Matt Irwin. The third race was won by Henry Wilson, with Lee in 2nd.

After 3 races, the series (which uses a high scoring system similar to the America’s Cup World Series - 20 points for 1st, 18 points for 2nd and so on) stands as follows:

1. Lee Bichard-58 points
2. Henry Wilson-52 points
= Matt Irwin-52 points
4. Fletcher Cheary-42 points

Come along to any/all of the future races on 17 Nov, 15 Dec, 23 Feb and 22 Mar. The more sailors on the water, the better!

Report by Henry Wilson/Matt Irwin

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