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Hornet Services Saling Club - Pickle Night 2 November

Central - 14 Oct 19 General

Why not join in the fun? This event is primarily for Hornet members but there might be an option for a RNSA mess table.

"Pickle Night" is a dinner with entertainment that celebrates the arrival of HMS PICKLE in Falmouth carrying the news of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar in 1805. It traditionally takes place about 2 weeks after Trafalgar Night. Hornet’s Pickle Night is on Saturday 2nd November.

The format is pretty relaxed, the evening starting with “Up Spirits” the traditional issue of Grog (or “limers” for those registered “Temperance"); the menu is based on traditional seafarers' food improved and upgraded to our 21st century tastes and standards. The courses at dinner are interspersed with the reading of despatches from the Battle of Trafalgar. Seating is divided into “Messes” each named after ships at Trafalgar. You could form up a RNSA Mess.

"Hands to dance and skylark” will be piped and each Mess will be invited to present a dance, song, poem, sketch (playlet), whatever. None of it is serious; chaos and mayhem generally ensues. (Last year our Mess involved everybody else in our sea shanty). The President for the evening tries to take charge (but will often fail) and will have nominated White Rats/Secret Squirrels in each Mess to secretly report anyone for not singing loudly enough, singing too loudly, not smiling, smiling, talking, not talking….etc. Such defaulters are "punished", which meant, last year, they sang “Drunken Sailor” together.

Dress for the evening is optional "c1805 nautical" or whatever you want. Of course, partners are welcome.

It’s a great, fun evening. Culture and sophistication it is not!

Book in Hornet foyer or call Arty or Geoff Goodwin. The cost is £15 per head.

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