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RNSA(P) Wednesday Autumn Series race 9

Portsmouth - 17 Oct 19 Offshore

The season finished with a whimper rather than a bang!

With much still to play for in the final Wednesday evening race of the 2019 season the forecast initially gave room for optimism that a classic race might end the season, alas it was not to be. A very fickle breeze of 3-5 knots greeted the fleet at Gilkicker with the impression created that it would die further rather than increase. However with the yachts gathered the SOOD, Jolly Jack Tar with the light due to fade in an hour, sensibly decided to press on in the hope that a race could be achieved. A course of Darling Associates, North Sturbridge, Stokes Bay Central and back home was set with a degree of optimism that the wind might build as the longest leg was against an increasing east going tide. This was later amended with a verbal flag C hoisted to remove Stokes Bay Central - a wise move as it turned out.
The start into what was now a westerly breeze of around 3 knots had the fleet undecided as to whether to be inshore or offshore with those that opted to be out nearer the middle doing better from the last vestiges of west going tide and a knot more of breeze. After 20 mins of sailing Tinker T finally eased around Darling some 200M west of the start line with the rest of the fleet still struggling to make headway. The wind moved left and the next close kite leg became white sails. With N Sturbridge approaching even the arrival of 2 noisy car carriers couldn't prevent TT rounding NS before some boats had yet to round Darling. Wizard, unable to make headway against an adverse tide decided that an early curry was the way forward for crew morale and she was followed some time later by Sunshine who was losing her slow battle with Assassin. Meanwhile TT ambled slowly forward and took the race by a good 10 minutes. Fortunately the wind increased slightly to allow a finish for the rest of the fleet within the time limit and they all managed to get back to HSSC in time for that well earned curry.

The seasons results are at the link, more detail regarding the RNSA(P) prize giving on Wednesday 27 will be emailed to all members of the RNSA Wed Series Group idc.


A very big thank you to the team at HSSC for their fantastic support throughout the season.

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