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EGM 1 Nov 19

Central - 31 Oct 19 General

Don't forget to vote and for those attending the buffet to pay! EGM will start at 1800 sharp. Any questions or difficulties in voting please do contact the Office.

The proposition is:

To endorse the Central Committee’s decision to wind up RNSA in its current form and transfer RNSA’s assets to the Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 1 Jan 20 and that the payment of 2020 subscriptions will be the process by which members agree to join the new RNSA entity.

The agenda is:

1800-1805 Welcome (Commodore)
1805-1815 RNSA in 2019: short overview of deliverables during this year in order to set the context (RC D, RC O and RC C)
1815-1830 RNSA CIO an overview (CEO)
1830-1855 Q&A session
1855-1900 Vote 1 - Show of hands to illustrate voting intentions. Actual votes will be recorded as paper ballets on completion. These will be then be counted alongside other
votes cast prior to the EGM.
Vote 2 – To change the auditors from Rothmans LLP to Warner Wilde Ltd.
1900 Closing Remarks (Commodore)
1900 Bar open
1915 Vote closes
1915-2000 Vote counting (CEO / Dep Gen Sec)
1930-2030 Buffet Dinner for those who have pre-booked
A/R Announcement of vote result

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