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Tall Ships Youth Trust fund raising dinner

Central - 09 Jan 20 General

The fund raising dinner will be held at BRNC on 14 March. Please see the flyer for further details on how to support this great cause.

The charity made it's first operating profit for 17 years last year and we are laying the ground to grow substantially again. In particular we are running an appeal for a New Flagship - an affordable schooner - something akin to the Winston Churchill we operated over 60 years ago when we were the STA. A £5m appeal.

Our beneficiaries, as you probably know, are young people who have had the most dreadful start to their lives. They include disadvantaged and disabled young people from highly diverse backgrounds; young offenders - including those involved in knife crime - youngsters excluded from school, orphaned migrants, and those who have been sexually abused, or have abused substances themselves. We take these young people to sea under sail and literally transform their lives. A recent study showed that 97% of our voyagers went on into Employment, Education and Training – a remarkable result. I attach our latest impact report which I hope substantiates the ‘life-changing’ assertion. Please also see this video (the first cut of a recently produced 2 minute summary), which will hopefully add some colour!

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