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Winter Dinner -ECB's Mulled Wine saved from Storm Ciara by gracious TRUMPETER

East Coast - 15 Feb 20 Social

The RNSA-ECB pre-dinner mulled wine 'aboard' was about to be inconveniently disrupted by Storm Ciara, then HMS TRUMPETER stepped in with aplomb.

The ECB's Winter Dinner at Ipswich in February is pitched to dispel the post-Christmas blues and provide a break from pottering with chipping hammers and barnacles. Jacqui-B was earmarked as a venue for pre-dinner mulled wine alongside at Ipswich Haven but then Storm Ciara came lumbering across the Atlantic. Fortunately, HMS TRUMPETER is based in Ipswich. A quick call to the Commanding Officer, Lt David Vail ascertained that he would be returning from manouevres at 1600 on Saturday 7 February and he was delighted for us to clamber aboard armed with mulled wine, which his galley gave every assistance in preparing. We, Old Codgers, much enjoyed chatting with TRUMPETER's crew and well mulled we were warmed through and ready for a scrumptious Dinner at the Last Anchor.
Back onboard at Woolverstone in time for a quick midnight whisky. Any winter blues most certainly dispelled.
Thank you, Mr Secretary. Well organised!

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