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Plymouth Branch AGM

Plymouth - 05 Mar 20 General

Plymouth Branch AGM and Skittles evening 21 March 2020.

Dear Plymouth Branch Members,

Hello! As your Branch Captain, I am writing to give you an update on the future of your selected RNSA Branch and the progress made since the transition of RNSA into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) at the start of this year. I do not need to repeat here what you will have read elsewhere from our Association’s Chief Executive, Cdre Phil Warwick, or from our Chairman, Cdre Rob Bellfield.

The formation of the RNSA into the legal entity that is a CIO has mandated the clarification of what RNSA branches are for, and how they support the Charitable Objects of RNSA. Each branch and squadron of the RNSA is different – some maintain moorings, some organise sailing, some charge a separate membership fee, and some are largely social in nature. All support the RNSA in various ways. Your branch, RNSA Plymouth, is the busiest branch on the water by a long nautical mile, and you will hopefully read of the breadth of activity in the next edition of the RNSA Journal.

We are all, I hope, members of RNSA in order to support Service sailing, and all of what your branch does provides the Serviceman or woman with sailing opportunities that may not otherwise be available. Legally, however, in order to continue with our very outward-facing and inclusive portfolio of sailing activity in the South West, to the direct benefit of all of our members, whether serving, retired or family, RNSA Plymouth needs to establish itself as a legal entity, separate to the Charity.

In order to progress this formation, we need to agree a constitution and to vote in a committee. I want you to know from the outset that we are not planning on asking for a separate membership fee and you will see little, if any, change. Your membership of RNSA Plymouth will be indicated by selecting the Plymouth Branch on the RNSA Website, and I would encourage those in who live or sail in the area to do this. Formation of RNSA Plymouth as an entity, with a clear Memorandum of Understanding with the Charity will allow us to move forward in delivering branch activity within a framework endorsed by both the RNSA and the RYA.

The Committee in post at the formation of the CIO in January will all be standing for election to this new construct. However, if any other member wishes to come forwards to stand for any office within the new construct, RNSA Plymouth, then you will of course be included in the vote. There are many subjects and issues that you may wish to discuss, and your committee are keen to hear views on how the Branch should move forward, and what activities you would like to see.

We will hold this meeting on Saturday 21 March at 1815 at the The Westward Inn,
Lee Mill Bridge, Ivybridge, PL21 9EE. I encourage you all to try and attend this meeting.

Whether you are able or unable to make this meeting, please watch the RNSA website for information on branch activity, or pick up a printed calendar at your establishment, marina or yacht club. I wish you all fair winds and weather for the season ahead.

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