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RNSA Coronavirus

Central - 23 Mar 20 General


Dear Members,

Hopefully you will have seen the e-mail and messages on our website about RNSA’s immediate response to the Coronavirus. It is obviously having a significant impact on RNSA’s planned activities and no doubt on many of your own personal plans for the season. Sadly, the restrictions look to be increasing for now, but they are obviously for good reason.
As a membership organisation, there has as always been a strong social and “looking after your mates” element to RNSA, which many of us will miss over the next few months. We are also conscious that our members are spread all over the UK and some may feel very isolated at this time. Many communities are setting up local support groups and we have been thinking if there are ways in which we might be able to also help.

Initially, we would like to remind you that the members only section of our website has a full list of all members and, where they have agreed, their contact details. So, if you want to use this time to catch-up on old sailing buddies this might be a good place to start. We are also very confident that if you wish to reach out to any member then you’ll get a friendly response.
We are talking to our IT guru to see if we can add additional features to the forum section of the website to facilitate making contact with other members even easier and perhaps allowing people to identify subjects they’d like to discuss with like-minded members. The starting point that is up and running already is the ‘members’ Blog section, which can be found here: More information to follow. Equally, any ideas for other actions we could take during these worrying times would also be most welcome.
If you have forgotten your log on details, then please e-mail Deborah on Other contact details for RNSA are on our website.

Stay safe and here’s hoping we manage to salvage some of this year’s sailing season.

Best wishes


PD Warwick
Chief Executive Officer


PR Davies
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Royal Naval Sailing Association
Tel: 02392 521100
Registered Charity No 1183562

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