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QUEEN'S HARBOUR MASTER PORTSMOUTH Recreational Boating During Coronavirus

Central - 27 Mar 20 General

LNTM No 24/20

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth regarding this departments position on recreational boating during the current restrictions introduced by the Government to tackle the spread of Coronavirus in the UK.

2. QHM Portsmouth are continuing to maintain an open port but this is primarily to protect defence output and commercial activity including vital transport, trade routes, and industry. Many leisure facilities within the harbour are now closed to the public. We fully support the following guidance from the RYA regarding recreational boating in the UK during these restrictions:

3. “The RYA strongly urges recreational boaters to respect the new Government rules so that those who may become ill do not increase the pressure on local services and facilities….
The Government’s strict new measures on public movement and association mean that recreational boating activity will not escape unscathed. Understandably and under normal circumstances, the RYA would not want to discourage recreational boating activity. However, these are exceptional times and if the rules are ignored, not only could you put yourself and others at increased risk of contracting the virus, you risk placing an unnecessary burden on the emergency services.”

4. Further information regarding leisure activity and COVID-19 can be found on the RYA website at

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