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RNSA Competition

Central - 02 Apr 20 General

If you are looking for fun and interaction check out our facebook page - see link below to join.

Phil and his team, plus the volunteer committee members, are doing an excellent job in working through their contingency plans as the Virus situation and Government advice develops. They are also making good progress on the plethora of actions to support the transformation work resulting from the change to becoming a registered charity, as well as working on the journal so we don’t forget what RNSA has been achieving. If that wasn’t enough, Phil, with the various flag officers, is also starting to think about how we gear up again, once we can get back on the water. Very well done to everyone involved.

You might also recall from a recent e-mail from Phil and myself, that we were looking at ways of engaging members during this forced period away from work (for some but not all, especially our serving members) or on the water activity. We have absolutely no desire to make light of the dire national situation. Equally, we wondered if some more light relief would be welcome. Accordingly, Phil and I have come up with three initial ideas, which we wanted to test and see what the level of enthusiasm might be; those are a “Where is this” competition, a photo competition and a maritime based quiz.

I really didn’t want to divert Phil or the team’s efforts from the important work mentioned above, so I agreed to see if I could initially manage this activity on behalf of RNSA. I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew! We also thought it might be better to initially run it all outside of the main RNSA website or Facebook page to avoid the risk of problems requiring IT intervention etc.

So, I have set up a new Facebook Group “RNSA Competition” (see link below to join) which will be a closed Group, but open to any RNSA member once you have requested to join. As it’s me running it, please be patient if it takes me a while to accept all requests …hoping of course to get lots!

The rules are simple:

“Where is this” getting the correct answer means you have to post another “Where is this” challenge.
Photo – best entries to be judged by number of likes or by a panel tbd. Winning shots will be published in a later journal.
Quiz – bottle of wine for the first correct set of answers, or if more than one then winner drawn out of a hat.

So please do join in.

Finally, if this does take off then I’d welcome any other suggestions (polite ones only!) of what else we could do. I hope you, your family and friends are all well and stay that way.

Peter Davies

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