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RNSA Buddies

Central - 08 Apr 20 General

The recent email from our Commodore introduced the concept of RNSA Buddies. It is all set up with a dozen or so members already volunteering to man the phones. Simply call Deborah and she will put you in touch.

This pandemic has really personalised matters for many of us and I would like to briefly outline a new initiative we would like to trial – ‘RNSA Buddies’. It strikes us that some members might be feeling somewhat isolated, lonely or simply in the need to spin a dit or two. The new RNSA Facebook site has proved very popular and I commend it to you, but it is not for everyone. The idea behind RNSA Buddies is to look for a few volunteers who are happy to have their names on a list held by the Office and make themselves available for the odd chat over the phone with a fellow member. Anyone who fancies a relaxed conversation can simply ring in and ask. Deborah, our Membership Secretary, will provide the link and she can be contacted on either 07469 934271 or Just a thought and of course not to replace any professional support, but why not give it a go.

As part of the scheme could I also offer the following:

Whenever I’m not at work at the hospital, I’ll be happy to speak with anyone who wants to have a chat, it doesn’t have to be medically minded. I’m a GP trainee and a submariner so I have some experience of missing the normal contact of life.

Highest regards

Dr Johnnie Norsworthy. MBBS BSc. Surg Lt, RN

Mob: 07970 204 946

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