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Portsmouth small boat channel

Central - 04 Jun 20 General

Please continue to set an example and follow the local regulations for use of the Portsmouth harbour small boat channel. The attachment offers a useful A5 cockpit guide if printed and folded.

QHM Portsmouth has requested our help in keeping Portsmouth Harbour safe and support Defence output by following the General Direction 2/17, which can be found here:'>

This can be summarised as the following:

Leave Ballast pile to port inbound and outbound
Leave BC Outer pile to port in bound and outbound if using the Inner Swashway
Leave Number 4 Bar Buoy to Port inbound and outbound

Full details of the information can be found here, but I also enclose a leaflet which is a useful cockpit guide. These are A3 size when printed and I am more than happy to drop some in to the office at any time.

You help in this matter is appreaciated. Thank you.

With kind regards
Becky Walford

Port Safety, QHM Portsmouth, Room 404A, Semaphore Tower, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3LT.
Email: : Civ: 02392 725104 Mil: 9380 25104
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