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Defi Day Two - The Tremontana Screams!

RC (Windsurfing) - 31 May 14 General

Day Two of the Defi and the Tremontana blows all day allowing two more gruelling 40Km races for the RNSA racers to face

Defi day two dawned bright and suspiciously quiet, had the wind blown itself out overnight? There was definite breeze but nothing like the 25kts in the forecast. By the time we got to the first brief of the day however the wind had definitely kicked in to a steady 18 - 20Kts so the race crew claimed. Johnny and i opted for 6.4m sails and 110ltr boards (sadly Dave not well again so not playing). By the time we got towards the end of the one hour countdown the wind appeared to have eased slightly sending Johnny into a rigging frenzy to put together his 7.0m, ever the optimist i stayed with the 6.4m and as soon as I passed the harbour entrance on to the course felt that i had made the right decision. Both johnny and i got good starts had reasonably clean races with johnny finishing ahead of me albeit with longer arms and a pained expression having managed to hang on to the 7.0m in some meaty gusts -results to follow. We had a long lunch break during which one competitor finally completed his race some three hours after starting and then it was time to brief for the second race. All through lunch the wind had been increasing and our suspicions were confirmed when the race crew announced a steady 35kts on the course and just to add to the fun it was decided that the course would be lengthened to give a better grand stand finish. We took 5m sails and 90 ltr boards and despite our anxiety when testing the water before the start both managed to hold on in some 'interesting' gusts and fearsome chop to complete the race with me finishing ahead of johnny. The grandstand finish gave our downed team member the opportunity to take some shots of the run in the to the finish - as you can see after a second 40km race in one day style begins to take second place to getting across the line! So an awesome days racing and so far an epic Defi - and i haven't even mentioned the blazing sunshine!

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