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The Defi is done!

RC (Windsurfing) - 03 Jun 14 General

Day 4 and 5 of competition proved why the Defi Wind is such an immense endurance event as the Tramontana has a vote in how things will turn out.

Rear Commodore Windsurfing Reports:

Day 4 had always promised to be the windiest and so it proved to be, the fourth race of the event was held in an average windspeed of 35 - 40kts as the tramontana kicked in at its most fearsome. Johnny (sensibly) decided that his 5.0m was going to be too big but I chose to hang on to my 4.5m. An awesome race followed during which I topped 34kts and broke my record for fastest 1nm - I also managed to get catapulted too many times to count on the last leg which left me with a number of injuries and my sail with a harness hook size hole.

Somehow I managed to complete the race using my last stores of energy and felt that I had really pushed myself to the limit. The wind didn't abate at all during lunch so we all sat out the afternoon race which turned out to be a single lap affair so good for those still had something left in the tank. The official videos on the Defi Web site give an excellent idea of what this epic day was like and are worth a look.

So on to Sunday the last day and one final race. Conditions a bit easier today with a minimum of 25kts throughout the course, Johnny and i took 80ltr boards and 5.6m sails and both agreed we had the most enjoyable races if not the best in terms of placings. Johnny after his day of rest recorded a 237 whilst I managed a very tired 450. After 5 races i was in 319th position with johnny at 444th, we have yet to see the effect that the last race will have on placings. The final results placed the RNSA team in a very commendable position with Adrian 347th and Johnny 393rd.

In summary, four days of wind and more wind, we raced over 200kms in blazing sunshine against some of the best windsurfers in europe and enjoyed the unique party atmosphere that comes from 1000 windsurfers who have been tested by but ultimately defied the Tramontana - where were you? Get training, the countdown for Defi 2015 has begun!

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