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To All RMSC Members 2015 Newsletter and Charter yacht Update

RMSC - 23 Apr 15 General

Changes to the RMSC Fleet of Charter Yachts Farewell to Ocean Wave Terrapin III is ready for charter Our new Yacht is due to arrive in May Information about the Hallberg Rassy 342 (link)

To All RMSC Members

Things have changed markedly in our mini charter fleet lately and I thought I would attempt to bring you up to date.

It may not be public knowledge, but “Ocean Wave of Albany” was sold some three weeks ago to a Danish purchaser. She will shortly be moving from the UK to Danish waters where we hope she will have a long and uneventful cruising life. OW has provided excellent service to the RMSC and been a good charter yacht for over 13 years service. I am sure amongst our members and myself I can say she that she will be sadly missed.

However, the brighter news is that she will be replaced by a Hallberg Rassy 342 which the Club has purchased from the British Army Yacht Centre in Keil, Germany.

Built in Sweden in 2011, at 34ft (loa) she is smaller than OW (39ft) and has only 1 set of heads. She can accommodate 6 people, but you would be more comfortable with 4 aboard. At present, she sails with a hanked genoa and jib but we hope to replace the forestay with a furling genoa.

Currently she is located in Keil and the plan is to sail her back to Portsmouth in mid-May. The journey distance is just under 600 miles and we plan to complete the trip in two legs.

Once back in Portsmouth we will be preparing her for RYA codification and hope to achieve that in mid-June. The yachts name will be changed from her current name of ‘Pochard’ to “Ocean Wave of Albany”!

She is good yacht, well designed and built. Like all Hallberg’s she possesses excellent sea keeping qualities. Whilst I appreciate that this change will cause some disruption particularly in the early Summer, we will be extending her season further into the Autumn (she a 1st class built in heater system)

Finally, T3 has now had a new gear box fitted, has been inspected by the RYA and is fully codified. If you have a crew of 4 or less and you want to investigate the harbours, pubs creeks pubs and rivers of the south coast (did I mention the pubs!), T3 is the boat for you. Despite only being 26’ she has a fridge, a proper marine toilet, good navigational equipment and is a delight to sail (she is also extremely fast).

If you have any questions about the yachts please come back to me. I now work for the Royal Marines Association and remain on Whale Island.

Warm regards

Cameron March MBE

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