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SB20 World Championships, Torbole, Italy

RC (Dinghies) - 08 Jul 15 General

Thunderstorms kill off Ora breeze - but it comes back with a vengeance.

Two conflicting weather forecasts prevailed today; no breeze or 30 knots of breeze. The reality was both. A delayed start due to lack of breeze saw the fleet then race 3 races back-to-back in a southerly Ora which built to 25-30 kts.
Following an early disappointment when a Portuguese boat protested SAIL NAVY unexpectedly, just within protest time, which lost a cleanly sailed 4th place (top tip: never leave the club until the Protest Sheet has been posted), the RNSA team performed well. Another 4th place rounded off the day, with some spectacular 18kt runs. With 2 days left, the team needs to make up for the protest set-back and expect at least 4 more races.

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