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Frostbite 2015/16

Portsmouth - 07 Dec 15 Dinghies

Re-run 19-20 Mar 16

As you are aware the RNSC has tried to re-start its frostbite series this winter unhappily no one explained this to Mrs M Nature who I can only assume has got mixed up with Mr Poseidon who must be having a bad time of it and be taking it out on us!!! With so many missed weekends we have had to cancel the series as it stands and move to plan N. Plan N is now the intention to run the series over the weekend of March 19 – 20th 2016. Any of the racers who have paid £5 to enter will automatically be eligible to race the weekend however we would ask anyone else interested in a weekend of racing please contact Lucy here on to book a place and contact me to book the boat you want, high performance are FCFS.

The Weekend will consist of 6 – 8 Races with discards if appropriate. You can sail in any vessel with a PY No. and or bring your own boat, so I’m hoping for a fair to middlish turn out this time. This will be the first weekend of its kind here at the RNSC never have we held a weekend of handicap racing its normally one class racing, so don’t miss out on the chance. Racing will be open to any sailors from the RNSC / Services and Hardway Sailing Club. Course will depend on the wind but will be pursuit style if at all possible, to make life easy a safety boat will do the first lap as lead.

Please take time to look at your calendar and book this in as a weekend not to miss.


Lee Bichard

Royal Navy Sailing Centre
HMS Excellent
023 9254 7292. (mil: 93832 7292)

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