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Clyde Branch 2016 so far

Clyde - 27 Jun 16 General

Current activities


At Neptune Sailing Centre, the last 18 months have been a difficult period of rebuilding and reinvigoration, picking up the bones of what was left of the centre on the new management’s arrival.

Now manager PO Andrew Fielding ( is in place, assisted by civilian MOD employee Martin Peacock ( , and the pair have set about getting Neptune’s name back on the chart.

For over a year now membership to the club has grown steadily and although still in its infancy the club has attracted over fifty members already.

The club has been running Powerboat 2, Safety Boat, Dinghy 2 and advanced Sailing modules for nearly 18 months now. These courses have been well subscribed to and there are sizeable waiting/reserve lists for each course too.

The feedback from the courses has been superb and the team will try to repeat these particular courses in future, in addition to expanding their repertoire.

They have also been working closely with Sea Cadets and CCF units which both visit the Centre for two-week summer camps where the kids get the chance to go out on the water and are put through their first Dinghy steps.

The team at the Centre has also staged numerous club days and evenings where they have successfully combined sailing activities with events such as a BBQ and bar evening. Such an event will be held in September, for current members and prospective members, where there will be several sailing options on offer as well as BBQ and bar event.

Martin is pleased with the Centre’s progress so far but has plans for further developments:

“We hope to expand our membership and advance on their sailing skills so that we can hold regattas and also participate in regattas at other centres. We have a wide range of Dinghies on offer to members, and these cover a pretty wide spectrum. Whatever levels people are at we should have something to suit. We have Bosuns, Laser 2K’s, Pico’s, RS200’s and 400’s….”

“We also have SCORCHER, our 38 ft. sun odyssey available for charter and for more information on this contact the centre manager or myself.”

And the most pleasing development so far? Martin smiles and says, “For me it has to be Fiasco, our 23 ft. Sonata. After years of disrepair she has seen a full season on the water now and we have been working hard to bring her up to scratch, so that members can take her away on charter. As she is a beautiful 2 to 3 man small yacht she provides a great access route to the bigger boats.”

“I am also pleased to report that we have our moorings up and running for the season. We have eight moorings at the off-site centre at Rhu. For enquiries or further information, contact me at Martin Peacock (”

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