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RNSA/CCSC Friday Evening Results - Series 2

Portland - 30 Jul 16 Offshore

A summary of the second summer series

Race 2 was sailed in a brisk Force 5 wind from the west inside the harbour, which made for a fast and tight sail crossing the harbour on a mostly north-south axis, with an interesting course set by the RO of the evening, Michael Gill, aboard Hobnob.

The relatively fast and furious sail produced very close times for all boats, and allowed plenty of time back in the bar afterwards!

Race 1 was mainly newcomers apart from Hobnob, which was good to see, but no report has been received.

The last two races, scheduled for the first half of September, saw no-one turn up apart from High Hopes. On both days it was forecast windy, which did put some off, but in fact the conditions were good with both the harbour and Weymouth Bay sheltered, the sun out at times and dry. We had a lovely sail on both occasions. It would seem that the September experiment was not a success, although it is disappointing to think that people may be put off by an adverse forecast when these are often erroneous and conditions can be very localised.

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