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ECB joint meeting with RNVR YC

East Coast - 19 Sep 16 Cruising

Our annual get together hosted by the RNVR YC in Bradwell Marina 'Port Flair'.

After a record September heat wave only days before the North Sea gave a little reminder to the Annual Rally with the RNVR YC at Bradwell that it hadn’t lost its ‘charm’. The nominal list was seven boats but after a strong Northerly wind, occasionally touching Force 7 the field had thinned a little. However, we were delighted that little Woodwind (Fred and Kath Harris) made the voyage from Orford and Successor(Jon Cooney) practically flew down the Wallet. Avocet brought the RNVR YC team.

With an augmented shore party we managed to have a jolly Pimms Reception, the conversation centred on the folding of Hanjin Shipping Company (rather a lot of tonnage and containers at sea with an uncertain future at the moment). Work for the lawyers! (on second thoughts no work for the sailors and money for the lawyers)!

An electricity blackout had descended on Bradwell but we were in for a bit of luck: After picking our way to the Green Man with torches we found an Maltese landlord exercising timely initiative. His team had quickly flashed up a Barbecue in the garden – so it was an excellent steak and red wine by candlelight for everybody. (Interesting how important cash becomes when the lights don’t work!)

The traditional Whitby breakfast preceded departure into a much eased weather pattern. Cooney sailed back alone to Woolverstone. This year it was the Marines’ turn to have an argument with the Marina geography on arrival. Woolverstone now has one less shore power point!

Our photographer reported in sick. Whilst gardening she stood up, forgetting an open window. Staunching the blood flow she was treated in the local doctors surgery. High tech solution using super glue. Now rested she is back to normal, looking forward to a regular 'ladies that lunch' session later this week.

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