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Operation Sea Spray 1

East Coast - 01 Nov 16 Cruising

Practical sea expereince for CURNU students

Operation Sea Spray 1

Successor and Jacqui-B were enlisted by the Cambridge University Royal Navy Unit (CURNU) over the weekend of 29/30th October to provide a bit of day sailing to familiarisation to 11 cadets. Beautiful high pressure weather – but, alas, no wind.

Nevertheless, the sails went up and down, and each cadet had a go at picking up a buoy and taking the boat alongside. There were so many ‘men overboard’ exercises that we thought of painting a glum face on the duty fender with the caption ‘not again’!

We managed to get to Harwich for a brief pint with Pasqual at the Branch’s adopted pub, the Alma. Harwich was buzzing with shipping so it was easy to explain the realities of Rule of the Road.

There was plenty of time for the students to exchange dits and the basics of navigation lights as we dawdled back to Woolverstone in the evening light.

Seaspray 1 Abreak for Lunch at the Alma,Harwich (Pepys was here!)

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