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Annual Rifles Lunch

East Coast - 30 Nov 16 Cruising

Not the Rifles. Standards temporarily the Mess but Plan B does occasionally come into play.

Not the Riles!

24 members gathered on Friday 25th November. The venue had been changed at short notice as a result of a number of unfavorable comments on recent functions. Our new Branch Captain took prompt and decisive action to change the venue and book us into the Victory Services Club.

Comfortable bar and lounge as the party gathered and a quiet corner of the dining room as the regular lunch trade came to a halt. Very different presentation to that of the Rifles Mess. Our usual fellow diners, the former London School of Printing a number of whom are also East Coast sailors were in fine form. The RNSA contingent seems to have miss placed 2 husband and wife teams, nothing heard from these long-term attenders. With a slightly late start the time to depart to catch booked trains soon came. Particular pleasure to be able to entertain the coxswain of the Cambridge University royal Naval Unit who has been particularly helpful in giving sea experience to new Midshipmen.

Many thanks offered to our Rifles host and RNSA Honorary member Norman H for his most generous topping and tailing of the Rifles Lunch. Donald and the Printers and all the RNSA Team stepped out of the VSC with a festive step.

Whilst we were dining a well-known Shotley landmark finally broke its mooring and came ashore adjacent to the lock. Seems to have survived the grounding. Waiting for the wind to ease and a tow off the lee shore. Rumor has it that she has been sold and is due to go to Great Yarmouth. How is not known. Shotley has only just cleared up after motor launch 1380 was dumped in the marina and when lifted out to go on a low loader broke her back. Now removed and in pieces in the old HMS Ganges boat yard. pity Nov 5th has past.. The former HMS Droxford M3113 was hauled off on Friday 2nd December and left under tow for Lowestoft.

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