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Thames - 01 Dec 16 General



We stress that these are just ideas and that contributions from everyone else are more than welcome - please! We like to stick to the principle of moving our events up and down the river and there is a thought that we might start the season with an upstream event.

The Beetle and Wedge restaurant in Moulsford (;) is right on the river and sits in a particularly attractive and rural section of the Thames Valley. There are (limited!) moorings available and the restaurant is very easily reached by car. So, perhaps we might meet up there for lunch one Saturday the cost of which, at their current menu prices, would be £20 for two courses or £25 for three with a cash bar available. Not at all bad for a restaurant of that quality and in that lovely location!

Another possibility for the Summer is a “bring your own” picnic at the EA’s river park at Hurley Lock ( This is a very attractive river island and backwater location, there are plenty of moorings, which can be reserved, and access by car from all directions is easy via either the M4 or, from North of the River, via Henley-on-Thames. In the event of inclement weather, there are also two pubs in the village!

Given the success of the “pie and a pint” get together at this year’s Thames Traditional Boat Festival Rally (, would it be appropriate to do the same again? This would not be a Branch event as such but, as in 2016, a get together, perhaps with like-minded friends from other local boating groups and organisations, might be good.

In the way of a slightly “alternative” event, has anyone seen the bright yellow, very modern and fully certificated(!), DUKW amphibious vehicle that does tours of Windsor and the stretch of the river in and around the town ( We think that a private hire of the DUKW, based on a tour of a bit of the town and more of the river, might be rather fun and we would, of course, arrange lunch in a local hostelry as part of the event!

After an upper river and then a middle river event the final function, the End-of-Season Lunch and AGM, could be organised for a downstream location. Here the options are numerous but the Mercure London Hotel in Staines-upon-Thames ( is very pleasant and comfortable inside, overlooks the river, has moorings, plenty of parking and is very easy to get to by both car and public transport: so perhaps worth consideration?

As was made clear at the start of this article, all the above are just ideas and other proposals are very, very welcome, so do please get in touch if you have any other thoughts.

Finally, and looking well ahead into 2018, the weekend of 24-25 February will mark, believe it or not(!!), the 10th anniversary of the formation of the RNSA Thames Valley Branch, and that looks like an excellent excuse for a party!

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