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RNSA(P) Wednesday Spring Series Race 1

Portsmouth - 31 Mar 17 Offshore

Nine boats turned out for the first race of the season in what was forecast to be a steady breeze from the South West - a fine start to the season.

The series organiser still away seeking sunshine in the Canary Isles was grateful to Electron V who volunteered to get the season underway. A course was set with a first leg against the east going tide to Mackley Van Oord off Wootton Creek, which presented a problem for the tacticians in deciding whether to cross the tide early or to stick to the mainland shore before crossing. This split the fleet but the rounding order at the windward mark was as expected in handicap order, Sunshine leading followed by Electron and Option. The next leg to SE Ryde Middle favoured the asymmetric kite yachts but of those that carried such a beast only Sunshine used it and that was what carried the day as the wind then shifted significantly turning the eventual kite run home from into yet another white sails leg. Alas the smaller boats found the windward work into the tide not to their liking and 4 had to retire in order to enjoy the delights of the home cooked food at HSSC. I plan to give them a bit of a start next week!


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