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Message from the Vice Commodore

Central - 05 Apr 17 Dinghies

Thanks, a plea, and a ststement of intent.

Dear members,

As Richard Farrington moves on to new and exciting challenges, many of you have already offered your thanks and good wishes. I would like to add mine in open forum and formally recognise his considerable energy and expertise in delivering the high quality of work necessary to take our Association forward. I would also like to advise members that in addition to being your Vice Commodore, I have been asked to take on the role of Acting Chairman until we find a suitable volunteer. If you are interested in the Chairman’s role then please do get in touch, alternatively you may wish to contribute as the Vice Chairman and we could look to establish a set of ToRs for what would be a new role. The RNSA office team have my contact details. As I see it we have two immediate priorities: have a successful 2017 sailing season and maintain the momentum (with the appropriate checks and balances) for our transformation work. For now, I would largely look to protect the new Chairman / Vice Chairman from the latter! The Journal will be out soon, which will help bring you up to date and as ever there is plenty going on under the aegis of RNSA. Do look to your Rear Commodores and Branch Captains to make the most of the many opportunities. Enjoy your sailing.

Philip Warwick

Vice Commodore and Acting Chairman

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