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RNSA(P) Wednesday Spring Series Race 3

Portsmouth - 13 Apr 17 Offshore

Fifteen yachts gathered at Gilkicker for the third race of the series. Despite starting at dead low water on a spring tide it seemed only Kurketrekker was stuck in the mud of the marina and unable to make the start line.

Tinker T the SOOD set a course westwards to Browndown which was a beat into the strong east going tide but with the option of taking to the beach in Stokes Bay to avoid the worst of it. In the first start the fleet was well behaved except for one boat half a length over the line but soon dipping the correct side as the tide pushed them back. Stokes Bay was clearly the favoured option and it became quite busy with SBSC dinghies mixing with the yachts. One Life had a bit of a mare with a requirement to tack for a boat on starboard forcing a rapid tack ending with the headsail sheet jammed and a 360 spin ensuing.
The second start saw a well judged line from the port end by Sunshine crossing the fleet coming out of the shallow water end on starboard but Electron V had control and took a well judged tack inshore that meant thereafter they were the boat to catch. They rounded well ahead at Browndown with a great lay line and there they stayed. Tinker T a tad under staffed slowed when their mainsheet fine tune system exploded and left them with no chance of catching the fast disappearing Electron.

A great evenings sail in fine sailing conditions with Electron taking IRC and a resurgent Thunderflash winning NHC.

Great work also at HSSC where the staff did a grand job with baskets of cool beer whilst awaiting the final touches of the main bar refurbishment before its grand opening later this week.


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